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Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa, a one-stop destination for all the beauty treatments, has always been working with the objective to empower men and women with beauty, finesse and confidence. With the help of our hardworking staff and colleagues, Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa continues to provide world-class salon and spa services in the country. From hairdressing to gel nails to makeover, Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa innovates and improves their line of products and services in order to provide great customer service and customer satisfaction. Ananeke is a brand for the refined consumer that is after an international experience with exceptional talent that is on a continuous journey to refine and develop their skills. Our motive is to provide top notch beauty services among our clients and prove ourselves not just as a brand that does what you say; but rather a brand and team that will give you what you need through our styling experience.

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When it comes to choosing a beauty salon out there in town, you are obviously provided to choose between a plethora of options out there, but not all will give you what you deserve. We are confident about offering our guests with the best counseling in order to solve their beauty related problems. Best experts in the field of facial, treatment and spa who are trained for months before applying their hands on you and are actually available to take care of all issues. Our spa uses aromatherapy concept to make you stress-free. Aromatherapy is all about providing freshness. There will be no side-effects and the ingredients are eco-friendly too. And, more beautifully, all these things are made available at most affordable prices. Payment modes are also convenient and flexible. We do accept all kinds of Credit and Debit cards and thus you need not to worry about carrying cash when you visit us.

If you love styling your hair and radiant skin just like us, you must visit once at Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa.

Each members of the Ananeke Team are passionately driven talents who tends towards fulfilling our customer requirements in a professional manner.

At Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa, we first listen to your requirements, suggestions and ideas. Based on that we provide the services to fulfill your needs. Get in touch with us to unleash a full relaxing experience.

No one’s fond of a boring environment when getting a relaxing me time. Our salon’s team and ambience will make sure that our services will make you leave to your heart’s content. 

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