BIO SEAWEED a ‘Healthier Gel Nails’

Gel Nails

With a motto that when choosing a nail product, one should not have to compromise between health and beauty. Bio Seaweed Gel as a company has committed itself to deliver high quality and healthier nail products since 2006.

A business, whose roots started in the nail industry (nail salon) in Toronto, Canada in 1996, BSG was established with a motive to provide professional nail products that were both healthy and of high quality which the then nail industry lacked. Being one of the industries earliest advocate for healthier nail care, Bio Seaweed Gel provides a wide varieties of nail products with a focus on cruelty free, big-5 free and vegan friendly formulations.

Our salon strives to provide top-notch services and quality products for the satisfaction of both our professionals and customers. Since, acrylics contains harsh chemicals which could lead up to fungal infections and other nail problems we have emphasized the use of Bio seaweed gel which will make your nails feel as good as they look as it nourishes and stimulates the nail health.

BSG carries more than a hundred of different and vibrant gel polish colors that can be use to paint nails, draw art/designs, give marble, fade-ineffects etc, which stays durable for more than a month. Be it any kind of harsh activites or chores, this products protects the natural nail plate from breaking down and other further damages; hence, making it the best option for the nail enthusiasts.

At no time, Bio Seaweed Gel will leave your nails looking natural, healthier and polished effortlessly !

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