Habits To Adopt For Healthier Hair

It’s a fact that having a good hair day can be a confidence as well as a mood booster. Your hair is crowning glory, so we want to do everything we can to maintain its health and shine. But to achieve it, there is more than just committing to a good shampoo. Genetics may play a role in it too, but top notch care for your hair is the most important factor to make it strong, sleek and shiny. So, let’s look at some tips on how to get healthy hair;


  • Regular trims :- 

We want our locks to look luscious and healthy all the time so that we can flaunt them like an accessory. Getting regular trims will absolutely help you to get your desired result as the dead ends get chopped off. Dead ends or split ends occur when your hair gets damaged, which causes your hair strand to split into two parts or multiple parts. This weakens the hair, resulting in breakage and hampering the growth of the hair.

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So, trimming your hair stimulates it to grow in the right direction and maintains the health and texture of the hair as well. While you don’t need to get a trim every other week, it is recommended to get one every 6-8 weeks. While we can’t get rid of split ends completely,getting a trim ensures minimal dead ends and breakage.


  • Avoid heat styling tools (or protect your hair from them) :-

Heat styling tools are a shortcut way of getting that salon-like hair at home. But with heat styling comes damaged hair as a package. So, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible if you don’t want to contribute towards your hair glowing down. There are many ways you can protect your hair as recommended by professionals, like using a protective spray beforehand or using your blow dryer or irons at a low heat setting.

Using tools that don’t require heat to avoid hair breakage would be a better option. And, instead of blow drying your hair, opt towards air drying your hair, which takes longer but is better in the long run. You can even dry your hair with a microfiber towel gently to speed up the process.


  • Use the right shampoo for your hair :-

With so many shampoos in the market which cater to different hair types, it is very important to find the one for your hair. In order to achieve healthy locks, effectively cleansing your hair is really important. Like, for example, if you have a dry scalp and it lacks moisture, you should look for moisturizing shampoo. You want to manage flat, thin hair, then use volumizing shampoo and to maintain excess oil, clarifying shampoo will be your best friend.

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  • Avoid washing hair with hot water :-

Having a relaxing hot shower after a long day sounds amazing for your body but not for your hair. Hot water doesn’t benefit your hair but it instead leaves you with dry, brittle and frizzy hair, stripping off natural oils from your scalp. Along with that, it also washes out colored hair faster than cold water. So, it is recommended to opt for lukewarm water instead as an alternative, which is also better for the skin.


  • Regular deep conditioning :-

Incorporating deep conditioning into your regular hair care routine for extra hydration and nourishment can keep your hair healthy. Especially, if you use heating tools regularly on your hair, it is important to use deep conditioning treatments every now and then to prevent damage. A conditioning mask is easy to use. Apply it on your wet hair and just let it sit for about a few minutes before rinsing it off. Or you can use your conditioner as an alternative.

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  • Seasonal hair care :-

Season change also plays a role in causing hair fall and breakage. Your hair also needs change along with the weather and no hair can build up resistance to products all year round. So, using certain hair products is better at different times. During winter your scalp becomes dry to avoid irritation, it call for gentle, moisturizing shampoo to avoid stripping out of natural oils. And as the humidity level rises when spring approaches, your hair can weigh down due to the moisture locked in. Switch to a light weight formula to keep your hair hydrated without making it fall flat or look greasy hair.


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