How To Give Yourself A Manicure?

How to give yourself a manicure?

What is Pedicure And Manicure?

Before learning how to give yourself a manicure, let us briefly discuss what manicures and pedicures are. A manicure is a little spa treatment for your hands and nails to make them look clean and pretty. A pedicure is for your feet and the nails on your feet. Here are a few ways on how to give yourself a manicure.

How To Give Yourself A Manicure?

Giving yourself a manicure at home is a fun and relaxing task. Here is how you can give yourself a professional manicure that makes you look like you just got it done in a salon.

1. Collect Necessary Items

The first step in how to do a manicure at home is to ensure you have everything you need to perform the task. Required items for pedicure and manicure are:

  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Nail Filer
  • Nail Paints
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail cutter
  • UV Nail Dryer (optional)

If you have these items, you can easily understand how to do a manicure at home.

necessary items for nail paint

2. Remove Existing Nailpaint

The pedicure and manicure process starts by removing all the existing nail paint on your nails. Applying a new layer of nail paint on an old one makes your nails thicker and unattractive so you must remove the nail paint you have on so that you can have a cleaner finish at the end. You can remove the existing nail paint using a nail paint remover. They come in liquid form and as cotton balls.

3. File Your Nails

Filing your nails is another essential step in how to give yourself a manicure. You can file your nails into the shape you desire using a nail filer. Nail filers can help you shape your nails but also shorten your nails if they are too long to manage. You can use a nail cutter and a nail file together to give your nails a good and healthy shape without compromising their quality.

picture of filing your nails

4. Soak in Water

After removing old nail paint and filing your nails, you should soak your nails in warm water. You can also add essential oils to the water for a more relaxing nail bath. Soaking your nails in a warm bath removes all the toxins from nail paint remover. It also removes the dryness caused by filing and cutting your nails. It makes your nails and hands softer.

5. Cuticles Check

Now that you have soft nails, pushing your cuticles should be easy. Pushing your cuticles gives an illusion of longer nails and it also handles hanging nails. However, if your nails are already long enough, you do not need to push your cuticles further. Just check your cuticles and make sure you like your nails’ shape and size.

picture of oiling your cuticles

6. Moisturize Your Hands

Your hands get dry after soaking them in warm water. You should moisturize your hands to feel fresh and so that your hands don’t feel dry. Moisturizing your hands also moisturizes your nails which provides smooth application of the nailpaint. Dry hands and dry nails can have the opposite effect.

picture displaying moisturizing hands

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7. Apply the Nail Paint

Finally, after all these steps, it is time to apply the nail paint. The first layer would be the base coat. Base coat helps your nail colour last longer; when it is time to remove the nail paint, there is not much chaos. After the base coat, you can apply a nail paint of your favourite colour. After letting that dry out, you can apply a clear gel on top to protect your nail paint further. You can use toe separators for your feet.

picture of applying nail polish

8. Clean The Excess

When you are doing a pedicure and manicure at home, you might likely get the nail paint where you are not supposed to. So, you can clean the excess using a nail paint remover and an earbud. Nail paints are likely to get on your skin and that looks unattractive. So, it is necessary to clean the excess after you are done.

9. Dry

The final step on how to give yourself a manicure is drying your nails. After the pedicure and manicure, your nails are wet and they can ruin easily. So, it is highly necessary to let them dry. You can use a UV lamp if you have one but since this is a “How to do a manicure at home” tutorial, you may not have a UV lamp. You can let your nails air dry until they are fully dry and they don’t get ruined.

a picture of drying your nails


This is a tutorial on how to do a manicure at home. Giving yourself a manicure at home can be a rewarding and relaxing experience. It provides calmness and other health benefits. It is also very much cheaper than getting it done in a nail salon. It looks aesthetic. You can do it with your girlfriends. It is a great way to bond with each other. By using the right tools and procedures, the pedicure and manicure at home can be just as good as a salon.

However, if you are busy and need to get your nails done by a professional, contact us now.

FAQs on How To Give Yourself A Manicure

What do you soak your hands in for a manicure?

You can soak your hands in warm water or soapy water in a manicure.

Is it good to put Vaseline on your nails?

It is good to put vaseline on your nails because it keeps your nails and cuticles hydrated.

Can I wash my hands after a manicure?

You can wash your hands after a manicure if your nails are dry and ready.

What should you not do before a manicure?

You should not cut your cuticles before a manicure. It can cause cuts and ruin the experience.

Can I teach myself to do nails?

You can do your nails by buying nail paint with good texture and watching YouTube tutorials on how you can put them on.

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