Natural Hair Care Tips in Nepal 2024

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Hair care is a major part of beauty standards. How your hair looks can decide your look for the entire day. Natural hair care tips in Nepal can help you with extra dry or greasy hair and boost your confidence since your hair defines you. Natural hair care is popular in Nepal due to the culture of herbal and traditional remedies. In this blog, we will be discussing natural hair care tips in Nepal for better hair health.

10 Best Natural Hair Care Tips in Nepal

Maintaining natural hair is easier and cheaper than any coloured or bleached hair. Here are the top 10 natural hair care tips in Nepal for you to follow and maintain the integrity of your hair.

1. Hair Wash

Washing your hair can be tricky. It is suggested that you should wash your hair every 2-3 days but that is not necessarily true. However, your hair needs to develop oil itself, which makes your scalp stronger and leads to healthy hair. You can simply wash your hair when your hair is greasy enough for a wash. If you live in a highly polluted area and you sweat more, you can wash your hair every alternate day as long as it is oily. You should also wash your comb and hairbrush regularly to maintain your hair health. Hair washes are great natural hair care tips for summer.

hair wash, best natural hair care tips in Nepal

2. Oiling Your Hair

One of the main natural hair care tips in Nepal is oiling your hair. Oil is very important for your hair. Oil is what makes your hair stronger. However, if your scalp cannot generate enough oil on its own, it can lead to dry and frizzy hair. To prevent that from happening, you should oil your hair 1-2 hours before hair wash. That way, your hair can absorb enough oil and the rest will be washed off. While oiling your hair, you can also give yourself a little head massage. It will help you relax and keep your hair healthy and happy.

hair oil, best natural hair care tips in Nepal

3. Hair Masks

Hair masks are major natural hair care tips in Nepal. Hair masks should be applied once a week depending on your hair’s needs. You can try different hair masks to see what suits you the best. Hair masks are an important part of the hair care routine. They are used for the nourishment of hair for healthy hair. There are many hair masks that you can try to see the results. The most effective ones include avocado, honey, onion, garlic, coconut, aloe vera etc. Hair masks are usually left on the hair for 30 minutes to see effective results. You can exfoliate and wash and your body while letting your hair mask sit.

hair masks, best natural hair care tips in Nepal

4. Diet

What you eat plays a major part in your hair health. Eating healthy food is not just good for your immune health but also for your hair. Your hair needs lots of love and care to be healthy, happy and nourished. A balanced diet of proteins and nutrients can boost your hair health from dry and frizzy to moisturized and healthy. A proper diet is great for natural hair growth tips. Overconsumption of junk food can lead to unhealthy hair with hair fall. So, diet is one of the natural hair care tips for summer.

5. Hydration

Staying hydrated is important for survival in general. Hydration directly affects your hair health. This hydration does not mean washing your hair or moisturizing your hair. The hydration we are talking about is your water intake. It is necessary to drink plenty of water to keep the scalp and hair hydrated. Hydration is a major natural hair care tip in Nepal. Hydration is also one of the natural hair growth tips.

6. Heat Usage

Everybody likes a well-styled hair. However, we tend to use many heat tools like straighteners and curlers to style our hair. Excessive heat is not good for your hair. Heat can destroy the integrity of your hair. Heat makes your hair dry and frizzy which destroys your hair quality. One of the natural hair care tips in Nepal includes less heat usage to avoid hair fall and hair damage. It is one of the great natural hair tips for summer since it is very humid outside.

heat usage, best natural hair care tips in Nepal

7. Gentle and Easy Hairstyles

For better hair health, be gentle with your hair. Easy and gentle hairstyles can be equally or even more beautiful than the hairstyles made by heat tools. If you are gentle and kind to your hair, you will have beautiful luscious hair in no time. Natural hair growth tips also include being gentle with your hair and trying easy hairstyles that do not affect the integrity of your hair. If you do want to use heat tools, then use a heat protectant first.

8. Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are very relaxing and stress-relieving for you and your hair. They are beneficial to your hair health and your scalp health. Scalp massages improve blood circulation in your scalp and your entire body which automatically leads to hair growth and improvement of hair quality. Scalp massages are one of the best natural hair care tips for summer. They reduce stress and prevent dandruff in the heat and humidity.

9. Sun Protection

Sun can be awful for your hair since it can make your scalp dry and hair extremely greasy. UV rays are enemies to your hair. Thankfully, one of the natural hair care tips for summer includes SPF for your hair. If you don’t like putting SPF on your hair, you can use hats and caps to cover your scalp and protect it from the sun. Sun protection is extremely important, especially in the summer when it is hot and humid.

10. Chemicals Usage

There are many chemicals in hair products, so try to use products with more natural ingredients because that is one of the greatest natural hair growth tips. Shampoo and conditioner with less toxic chemicals can do wonders for your hair. Also, be careful about the ingredients in your hair mask. Try to use as less products as you can. That will ensure healthy hair and a strong scalp.

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These natural hair care tips in Nepal can help you enhance your hair from scratch. Make sure to try these remedies and take good care of your hair. By using the available natural ingredients and resources available in Nepal, you can maintain your hair’s health without relying on chemicals that are bound to destroy your hair.

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FAQs on Natural Hair Care Tips in Nepal

How can I maintain my natural hair naturally?

You can maintain your hair naturally by following the basic hair care tips listed in this blog.

Is rice water good for hair?

Rice water may increase the shine of hair, make it stronger, and detangle it.

What should I apply daily to my hair?

You should apply hair serum to your hair daily.

How do you increase hair thickness?

Oiling your hair regularly can increase your hair thickness eventually.

How do you get silky hair?

Using natural ingredients on your hair can get you silky hair.

How to make hair stronger?

You can make your hair stronger by using less heat tools on your hair.

How to clean a scalp?

A scalp massager is a great way to clean a scalp.

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