Official Makeup & Hair partner of MISS NEPAL for the third time in a row!

Ananeke Beauty Spa and Salon has been the top priority of every individual in town since its establishment and if we talk about the reasons, we will surely be burst out with the numerous which kind of gives us an idea about our impeccable service and quality products. Ananeke Salon has evolved over the years; new techniques and styles while constantly updating its stylists with the ever-growing trends in the national and international market.


We assume that’s what landed us to be the official makeup & hair partner this time too for one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the country. If you’ve got a great appearance, a yen for competition and a strong constitution, you’ve probably at least considered entering a beauty contest. If television shows like America’s Next Top Model have taught you anything, it’s that making up to look great on a runway or on stage is a very different business from making up for a night on the town. To compete in a contest, you have to get serious about your look. And, when it comes about this area, Ananeke Beauty Salon & Spa is pretty much serious about what it does.


Ready for the night of sheer glitz and glamour, Ananeke Beauty Salon & Spa is definitely going to add on confidence with our skill to all the pageants competing for the big night. We wish all the best to all of you and look forward for a healthy competition filled with talent & glamour.


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