The beauty queens share their “Ananeke Experience”

Ananeke Beauty Spa and Salon has been the top priority of almost all the celeb figures and top-notch personalities since its establishment and if we talk about the reasons, we will surely be burst out with the numerous reasons which kind of gives us an idea about our impeccable service and quality products. This time we didn’t miss a chance to ask our Miss Nepal’s of the current batch about being a part of Ananeke family and we are more than thrilled and excited to share what they have to say about us!

Anushka Shrestha, Miss Nepal World 2019

“I’ve been a regular client at Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa after Miss Nepal and what I find is best here is the infrastructure apart from just the service. Its very clean and the environment here is very happy every time you visit here. The hospitality here along with the ambience makes you to visit this place again and again. Also, not to miss out, the attention you receive here from everyone is very satisfying as they ae never in a rush to finish your order and shift to the next customer. They are very calm, relaxed and make sure that you get the best out of your time you have sent here. I wish them good luck and hope that they keep continuing their good work.”

Meera Kakshapati, Miss International Nepal 2019

“It’s been more than one and a half year I’ve been with Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa and I was introduced to this place by Malina didi. She brought me here to get my nails done as it really got very mismanaged. After that, there was never looking back before coming here. The weather here at Ananeke is always the best. No matter, how cold the temperature is outside, it’s the best here. Not to forget, again, the hospitality of the salon is world-class with the service it provides particularly the nails. Dinesh dai and Surween dai are always the best and they always make sure that I am satisfied the most whenever I come here for anything. It feels like home here.”

Pradeepta Adhikari, Miss Nepal Universe 2019

“My elder mom lives in the United States and whenever she visits here in Nepal during Dashain or Tihar to see us, Ananeke is her go-to-stop for any kind of makeup and stuff. She comes here, gets her hair, nails and makeup done and gets festive ready and that was how I was also introduced to this place. The service here at Ananeke with the punctuality of the team is really incomparable. Our Miss Nepal finale makeup was also from Ananeke and its probably something that I will remember throughout my life. That makeup kind of felt like the finale makeup of my life and I just love being here. I wish that Ananeke is spread all around Nepal so that every one gets to access the fantastic service of the parlor.”

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