Which Hair Colour is Best For You?

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Your hair defines you. A bad hair day makes you feel less confident in yourself. Hair plays a big role in your attitude and mental health. Hair colour is a fun way to express your personality. This blog will help you decide which hair colour is best for you. Colouring your hair is a big decision and research is important. Hair colour in Nepal is a great experience to try and change something about yourself physically. Continue reading as we guide you through which hair colour is best for you and help you pick a new colour for your hair.

Which Hair Colour is Best For You?

Deciding which hair colour is best for you is a challenging decision. Here are a few factors to consider while deciding on a hair colour in Nepal.

1. Skin Tone

Your skin tone is a major factor to consider before deciding which hair colour is best for you. We are all brown in Nepal but there are different shades of brown. The hair colour of light brown people may not look good on dark brown people. You should find someone with your shade of skin who has coloured hair so that you can make an informed decision.

skin tone for which hair colour is best

2. Eye Colour

You should always pick a hair colour that brings out your eyes and gives it more definition. This can be determined by playing with a colour palette online. It is not just the eye colour but also the shape of your eyes that can help you determine the perfect colour for your hair.

eye colour for which hair colour is best

3. Hair Length

The length of your hair is another factor to consider for hair colour in Nepal. Some hair colours look great on all short, medium and long hair which is great. However, there are a few colours in the hair colour palette that do not look good on certain hair lengths.

hair length for which hair colour is best

4. Personality

Even after considering skin tone, eye colour and hair length, you may not like the colour that comes up for you due to your personality. So, you should always consider a colour that suits your personality. Bold personalities like dark and bold colours and fun bubbly personalities like lighter shades in their hair.

Top 5 Hair Colours For Brown Skin

Here are the top 5 hair colours for brown skin considering the major factors like skin tone, eye colour, hair length and personality.

1. Highlights

Taking a few strands of your hair and putting highlights on them is a fun little hair experiment. You can try any shade of highlight that you prefer. This looks good on all brown people. It is a safe option for someone who wants a change in their hair but is unsure if colours look good on them. This is a great way to start a hair colour journey.

highlights for which hair colour is best

2. Jet Black

North Asians have naturally jet-black hair so if you have an olive skin tone and more North Asian features, you can try jet-black colour. It pops out brown eyes and your facial structures are more visible. Jet-Black is also a safe option since our hair is already pretty dark. So, it is not a massive change.

jet black for which hair colour is best

3. Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde is a great hair colour option for fun and girly girls. If you have a sweet and fun personality and are wondering which hair colour is best for you, you should try honey blonde. It looks beautiful and creative and compliments your skin tone very well. It can be a massive change but your personality can handle it.

honey blonde hair for which hair colour is best

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4. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown is also one of the safe options for a hair colour in Nepal. Since we are brown, our hair is also dark brown. So, chestnut brown is just a slightly light colour for your hair. It adjusts really well and compliments all brown skins. It is a good start for anyone willing to try something new.

chestnut brown hair for which hair colour is best

5. Burgundy

Burgundy is a bold and deep red colour with purple undertones. It is for people with a bold personality. Any shade of red portrays confidence and self-sufficiency. Burgundy looks amazing on brown skin. It blends with skin complexion and provides you with a bolder look. It is a great colour option for anyone willing to show their personality through their hair.

burgundy hair colour for which hair colour is best


There is no such thing as which hair colour is best for you. It is a personal decision. You must simply pick the hair colour that makes you feel comfortable and confident. It depends on your unique skin tone, eye colour, and style preferences.

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FAQs on Which Hair Colour is Best For You

Which type of hair colouring is best?

Ammonia-free, odour-free, herbal hair colours are your best and safest options.

Which hair colour is most attractive?

The best hair colour for you depends on your skin tone, personality and hairstyle.

Which hair colour is the safest?

Hair dyes with natural colourants like henna, indigo, cassia, beetroot, coffee, and other plant-derived ingredients are the safest.

Which colour can damage hair?

Colours like platinum or white can damage your hair if not maintained properly.

How long does permanent hair dye last?

Permanent hair dyes fade in a span of 6-8 months.

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