Why choose a no-makeup makeup look for the wedding?

For the wedding, brides typically request a full glam makeup look from their desired makeup artist: foundation, concealer, a killer eye, blush, contour, and a nice lip (maybe throw in some false lashes). But what about a look for brides who aren’t so crazy about a beat face?

The answer is quite simple, and it’s in your makeup bag. The no-makeup makeup look is the perfect fit for brides who are less than thrilled about having a ton of product on their face. The finish? Glowing, even skin, bright eyes, and a touch of color add definition to the high points of your face.

It is the kind of look which doesn’t lead to any significant changes in skin-tone, lip colour and certain other features of a bride. The look allows a bride to feel like ‘herself’ on the big day. As Kardashian sisters and a number of other celebrities are often seen in no makeup looks, it has become a global beauty trend. The millennial brides cannot help but get influenced by a look which is trending all across the world and social media. So a no makeup look is what they want while entering into the wedlock or say, while celebrating their day of love.

It is just simply amazing to see how more and more brides want to ‘wear makeup like they’re wearing no makeup’!

Recently, the internet was full of the Bollywood couple Ranbir and Alia where Alia was seen glowing with her minimalistic look on her D-day. Alia’s face looked like she barely had any colour of makeup on her skin. But if you look closely, you’ll see she has neutral eyes, a fresh base, and natural freckles, matching her minimal aesthetic she’s known for.

At Ananeke Beauty Salon & Spa, we know it at the professional level how to nail the no-makeup look and every time we personalize it with the bride’s outfit and her personality on her big day. A lot goes behind the scene and you can definitely not miss out to ace the look.

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