Why get your hair professionally colored ?

Pretty sure we all can agree with the excitement when experimenting with new shades of hair color every now and then. Whether be it something bold and dramatic or to pop out the naturalness of your hair.

Most on a budget turns towards box dyes to get their desired look since it is cost effective and time saving. No judgment here – but even with newly formulated healthier box dyes out there in the market, it’s important to understand the difference between getting your hair colored in a salon and with a box dye.

Many of the pre-made box dye formula for all hair types lined up in the shelves of your local department stores are not the same ones as the professional salon formulas which are curated according to the customers needs. So in this post we will be looking at to why getting your hair professionally colored is the right way;

  • Choose what’s safer for your hair

We all know the damaged caused by using store – bought hair dyes again and again. Those chemicals incorporated in the formulas are not as stylish when it comes to managing your hair later. But however, a professional hair artist are trained to curate and customize hair dyes not only of high quality result but also to treat and protect your hair within the process.

  • Customize your Color

When wanting to get your hair colored a lot of inspirations are taken from the pinterest boards or when a famous celebrity is captured fresh out of the salon. But the department store shelfs may not meet your expectations most of the time. So instead of settling for a color that you didn’t want, a professional can be the one to create your vision into reality. A professionals can customize the specific shade and style that you’ve been eyeing on.

  • Long Lasting

The formulated hair dyes at the supermarkets looks very appealing as it’s affordable and a great option to try a new look. But of course having your hair done at a salon isn’t the cheaper option, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Most box dyes have a short life span and you will find yourself in the same aisle the next week to keep up with the hair. A professional salon invests their time in delivering the skills to color hair correctly, provide quality hair dyes that lasts longer and a very suitable environment. Delivering a performance on accordance with the price, you won’t find yourself visiting the salon very frequently to keep it at it’s best.

  • Establish a structure

Just a reminder that your hair is an investment not an expense. When many get their first hair dye appointment, it has a good chance to be expensive. But it is only cause the professional is laying a strong foundation. Overtime the hair doesn’t need to be dyed all over again so it’ll end up costing less. The only thing that you’ll be needing is small touch ups to keep the hair looking vibrant and fresh.


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